Risk Management

Risk Management

The risk management and control framework defines how a financial institution should organize itself to manage existing and potential risks. The focus at all times is on the provision of a tailored solution to meet an organization’s particular needs.

Our risk management process assists an organization through all the steps required to define and implement effective risk management policies and procedures. We ensure that our clients understand the issues related to their risks through a continual process of information sharing and skills transfer.  The nature of services include:

Risk diagnostic tools that provides a rigorous independent assessment of existing risk management practices and plans for implementing regulatory guidelines in risk management. The diagnostic tool is tailored to provide clearly defined recommendations for overcoming weakness, and solutions to address fundamental gaps.

Asset Liability Management (ALM) capability tool involves risk diagnostic review to identify major issues and quantify the exposures of the organization. The second part of the exercise would be developing an ALM strategy, redesign of processes and developing action plans for implementation.

Credit Risk Diagnostic is designed to comprehensively test existing credit risk management practices, benchmark with best practices and provide clearly defined recommendations to address fundamental gaps.