Strategic Audit Techniques Incorporated is a locally based emerging small audit and financial consulting firm

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Strategic Audit Techniques Incorporated is a locally based emerging small audit and financial consulting firm. The company shares the vision of South Africa and thus works towards increasing the number of Black Professionals in the country.  We strive to grow our practice with the intention of employing previously disadvantaged individuals and developing them to be leaders in the field.

Our professionals are dedicated to the practice of auditing, investigations, financial management, supply chain management, consulting, forensic auditing and accounting. We operate within the framework of the professional code of conduct and ethics as prescribed by the various regulatory bodies.


Strategic Audit Techniques Incorporated was founded on principles of honesty and integrity. The firm aims to provide clients with the best advice and service.  We recognize the need to respect customer individuality, build relationships and provide solutions that best meet their requirements.  All clients are assured of a professional service that is timeously rendered, relevant and of a standard that meets or exceeds their expectations

WE are committed to upholding the professional image of the accounting sector and striving for the upliftment of the citizens of Southern Africa.

We endeavor to adapt to the changing environment in the country, develop and empower human resources in order to improve the standard of living in this country.


Our core values are under-pinned by the following:

Professionalism and independence


Transparency and objectivity

Professional Competence and Due Care

Confidentiality of client information

Investment in human capital

Courtesy and decency

As one of the leaders in our field, we understand the importance of not just following the dictates, in addressing inequalities within the societies that we operate, but by demonstrating visible accountability to our staff. As a result our Corporate Social Responsibility activities are fundamentally guided by our Vision and Values.

We are a firm that comes from a previously disadvantaged community and it has always been our policy to afford opportunities to historically disadvantaged individuals by endorsing the key requirements of the Employment Equity Bill, namely:


The elimination of discrimination in decision-making;

Promoting employee diversity;

Reducing barriers to advancement of the disadvantaged; and

Introduction of measures and procedures for transformation

Strategic Audit Techniques Incorporated has been involved in numerous initiatives. Our primary focus complementing our service offering is to dedicate professional accounting services to organisations that support previously disadvantaged individuals. In addition, to our professional services, we regularly donate items of food, clothing and toys to various Non Profit Organisations

Our vision is to be an innovative, objective and professional services provider that enhances economic growth and social development, and supports the integration of our country into the global economy in a way that benefits all South Africans.


People are what matter most in a professional relationship as they deliver service and value. We would like to demonstrate our commitment by assuring you of suitably qualified and experienced professionals and resources from our firm.


Over and above our resources we are able to use professional consultants that are direct experts in the services you require.

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