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5.1.              Accounting Procedures Manual

5.1.      An accounting procedures manual enhances management’s efforts to:

Monitor performance against established procedures

Help ensure policies and procedures are consistently applied

Improve efficiency in training employees during periods of transition

Update procedural changes by reorganization or the implementation of a new information system


How we can help

Strategic Audit Techniques Incorporated recognizes the challenge faced by companies in allocating limited resources to develop  an  Accounting Procedures Manual. In response, we have created a service that allows an organization to outsource this task. We assist in updating or compiling new documentation of the sequence and details of key accounting function procedures.


Our approach

Strategic Audit Techniques Incorporated uses a systematic process for documenting procedures.

This process includes:

Creating a topic outline for key procedures

Interviewing staff in key functional areas

Conducting a walk-through to validate interview information

Observing users performing key procedures




For each activity, we record:

The position responsible for the activity

The review process and the position responsible for sign-off

Required inputs for the procedure

Desired outputs

The exception handling process



After documenting the workflow and key activities for each process, Strategic Audit Techniques Incorporated develops a key reference manual.  The manual includes narratives, matrix tables to clarify interconnected activities, and flow charts for selected procedures.


Supporting exhibits may include sample documents, a master calendar of critical deadlines etc. You also receive an electronic copy of the manual, which provides a mechanism for you to update procedures on an ongoing.